Our Values

We believe that the web should be beautiful. Unfortunately, small businesses are too often left behind in it’s continued evolution. Just because a business isn’t a giant corporation doesn’t mean they can’t have a beautiful site with a web presence to help them compete. Our mission is to provide sites, web presence, support, and education to small businesses to help them achieve the success they deserve.

Our Technologies

We use a range of web technologies depending on the needs of a client. Generally, we focus on making static JAMstack sites. JAMstack is prefered because a static site satisfies most all business site needs and is much faster, safer, and cheaper than a WordPress site.

Beyond JAMstack (which you can read more about here), we also utilize Shopify for e-commerce sites, and Ruby on Rails with React for more advanced custom sites and web applications.

Rarely, it isn’t cost effective to create a new site. In these cases, we will update and service your WordPress, Joomla, or SquareSpace based site. However we prefer to avoid wordpress at all costs due to security and performance issues inherent in the platform.