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Why is a Website Important?

88% of customers will go to a business’s site to decide if they want to visit in person. Visitors to your site take less than a second to make a first impression, and 94% of them base this impression on the site’s design. If your site is outdated or not functional, up to a third will leave. If it’s not mobile-friendly, 80% of customers will abandon your site!

Clearly, it’s vital to have a functional, mobile-friendly, and well-designed site. However almost 25% of small businesses don’t have a site at all, and among those that do, many have a site that is hurting them more than helping.

Having a website isn’t just for major chains or retailers; in today’s digital age, most people’s first stop to your business is online. If you don’t have a presence for potential customers, they will never give you a chance.

I already have a site, why do I need to change?

Oftentimes, a business owner believes their site is “good enough”. The problem is, a site that is “good enough” has to stand out and compete with thousands of others which may be “great”.

If your site is leaving a bad first impression or isn’t up to date and highly functional across devices, you are losing significant business without even realizing.

For example, 57% of customers will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Is your site hitting this benchmark? What about on mobile devices that represent 60% of web traffic?

75% of visitors are judging your business’s credibility completely on your site. Does it inspire their confidence or does it look like it never grew out of “grunge” from the ’90s?

The bottom line is, just like a physical location should be clean, attractive, and accessible, your website should be as well. If users have trouble finding accurate up to date information, your site breaks on mobile devices, or it just looks unprofessional, customers are going to make judgments accordingly. Don’t let a bad site hurt your credibility and drive customers away.

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How We Can Help

We work hard to provide a fast, secure, mobile-friendly, and well-designed site. Working with the latest technologies we can make you a new site from scratch or based on your old site. We use the most up to date design principles and ensure compliance with a range of accessibility standards like A11Y. Finally, we put your site through rigorous testing before shipping it to ensure that it will look and perform flawlessly across devices in the real world.

Besides ensuring fast load times and mobile-friendliness, we work to make the user experience as smooth as possible. This entails ensuring all relevant information is easy to find and that important details you want to highlight (best slice of pizza this side of the Mississippi!) are front and center in order to differentiate you and give customers a clear value proposition. We also make sure everything on your site is kept up to date, which you can read more about on the maintenance page.

Our design and development process is designed to be as inclusive as possible. We won’t leave you wondering what’s happening for weeks on end or present a finished site with a “take it or leave it” ultimatium.
We keep you updated and included throughout the design process so you know exactly how things are progressing, and we provide visual updates to ensure you are happy with the design direction before presenting a finished deliverable (for more information on how we communicate with clients, see the service page).

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