Maintenance Offerings

Maintenance is one of the most important, yet most overlooked, factors of a website. After a site is built, it can’t just be forgotten. If you have a WordPress site you know this well, plugins constantly have to be updated as well as the CMS itself for example. Unfortunately, many business owners are left to do this themselves. In the best case, this is a frustrating and time-consuming process requiring you to learn all sorts of web related jargon and new technologies (WordPress loop? DNS? React?). In the worst case, a business owner will put this task off, leaving their site vulnerable to attacks And of course, beyond the technical work, there’s the constant need to update the site’s content to reflect business changes. Even in a simple CMS like WordPress, this runs the risk of breaking something, and in a hand-coded site you’re left to figure out the HTML on your own.

All of this takes valuable time away from running your business, which costs you a lot in the long term. Let us handle all of the updates and maintenance instead. Offerings vary by type of site and your plan’s frequency (see pricing), but in all cases, we offer guaranteed security checks and updates, server maintenance, and website content (copy, menus, pictures, etc.) maintenance.

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