Web Presence

What is Web Presence?

Put simply, Web Presence is your business presence on different platforms across the web. This goes beyond search and includes social media, review sites, maps, and in some cases even blogs. Customers rely on your Web Presence to find accurate reviews of your business, to check hours before visiting, to stay update with your current offerings, and more.

How Important is Web Presence?

Since almost all your customers are online, Web Presence is extremly important to the success of your business. For instance, 93% of customers say online reviews impact their decision to visit a business. Accurate hours and operating status on google maps are vital for customers trying to plan a visit. And of course, social media sites like Facebook are powerful tools to give updates to your customers about new offerings, special deals, in stock items, and temporary closures. Without a robust and comprehensive Web Presence, you are leaving customers in the dark, and they will be much less likely to patronize your business.

How Can You Help My Web Presence?

We manage your entire online presence for you, making sure any listed information is accurate and up to date, false reviews are addressed, and the image you want people to have of your business is successfully communicated.

We work with you to craft the best social media presence for your business, and will regularly post on your behalf to keep customers updated and engaged. This includes general status posts (like pictures from special events), as well as vital updates such as announcements of new products, or changes in hours.

We understand how inconvenient it is to remember to register for, monitor, and update all these services regularly, and how time-consuming that can be. You should be focusing on the day to day operations of your business - the place where your expertise is vital - instead of updating Facebook pages or claiming your business on Google maps.

Get started today and bring your web presence to the next level